Anglican Women’s Desk

Motto : BOMME BA NA LE BOKGONI “ Kagiso Uxolo, Peace” is a Women’s issue

Bomme ba na le Bokgoni  means that women have the capabilities and indeed they are capable of:

  • Uniting together in prayer to praise and rejoice in the name of the Lord
  • Caring and praying for those who are in trouble, sorrow, need, for the sick and the helpless and those with special claims upon us
  • Providing for the vulnerable and needy families  socially, financially and spiritually
  • Praying  for peace and support for dysfunctional and  distorted families, communities and the broader societies

Organisational Leaders and contact details:

Chairperson: Mrs Moipolai Annah Nokoane Ioda  Mohutsioa: Mobile : 0825561661
E-mail: and
Seceretary: Stella Kraai :  Moblile:  0725020474: Tel: 018 476 2349
Treasurer: Galookwe Ellen Koena : Mobile: 0761885941  e-mail :

About the Organization

  1. Background:
    We are the Anglican Women’s Desk that was found by Mrs. Malethola Maggy Nkwe and was established late 1990. The first Annual General Meeting was held on the 15th -17th February 1991 at Rabuni center and it is where the organization was officially launched.
  2. Purpose:
    The purpose for the establishment of the organization is to draw interest of ordinary women who are yet not called and are still not yet ready and prepared to join other established organizations like the Mothers’ Union and the Anglican Women’s Fellowship and involve them to take part in the activities of church
  3. Aim:
    1. The organization aim at ensuring that women within the Anglican Church/ Community  have a better place and have all the rights to participate freely in the church and:
    2. To establish good relationship with all organizations and guilds within the church including all other organizations that involves women in other churches and the community as a whole in order for to exchange ideas  and good practices that are geared towards Women empowerment
    3. To establish a link with Non- Governmental Organizations that care and support the sick. The vulnerable and the needy within  the community for example Sedibeng Sa Tshepo.
    4. To support Government departments to ensure that the services are brought nearer to the communities
    5. The Anglican Women’s Desk also plays a role in advocating for issues related to women and women emancipation for example:
      The organization passed a motion on the ordination of women priest in the Diocese of Matlosane which was successfully passed by Mrs Moipolai Annah Mohutsioa during the 1995 Diocesan Synod. This motion formed part of all the other motions that were elevated to the Provincial Synod. This was then accepted by the Provincial Synod. This led to the ordination of the first woman priest in the Diocese Rev Batseeba Pooe on 19 December 2000.
  4. Patron Saint: Saint Margaret of Cortona
  5. Objectives 
    1. The organization is dependent on the following objectives to grow and to function as effectively and efficiently as possible in the diocese.
    2. To reach out to all women in the Diocese of Matlosane.
    3. To promote good and healthy relationship among all women.
    4. To promote and encourage women’s involvement in the church and ensure active participation in the matters related to the church  and the community by reaching out to the community especially the poor and thus growing and strengthening the church
    5. To endorse a network among women and to promote and maintain women’s empowerment whenever necessary.
    6. To arrange lectures and seminars and hold discussions on relevant topics, and if necessary submit draft resolution to summit.
    7. To cooperate and affiliate with other organizations and associations that pursues similar objectives
  6. Membership:
    1. The Women’s Desk has members in 4 parishes and it is visiting all the other parishes that has women structures that pursue similar objectives to sell the organisation and to lobby them to join hands with the Women’s Desk so as to strengthen the entire organisation.