Anglican Aids and Healthcare Trust

Anglican Aids and Healthcare Trust

About the Anglican Aids and Healthcare Trust

The Anglican AIDS and Healthcare Trust was set up to coordinate Aids ministry of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA) . ACSA covers six countries, namely Angola, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland, as well as the Islands of St Helena and Ascension.

With its established presence in almost every community, the church reaches even into outlying rural areas. A large and passionate volunteer base is well located in these communities and is a strong integral part in the delivery of HIV and AIDS programmes. Communities acknowledge the moral authority and ethos of compassion and human rights of the church and thus welcome and support initiatives and programmes by the Church.

What are we are doing

  • Since 2003, the Anglican AIDS ministry has set up and maintained over 700 projects that seek to:
    • raise awareness of HIV, provide accurate information and encourage behaviour change to help people of all ages protect themselves and others from infection;
    • support those who are HIV positive and help them maintain their wellness by means of education, healthy nutrition, emotional support and anti-retroviral treatment when needed;
    • care for those living with AIDS and for their families;
    • advocate for the rights of all who risk discrimination or other disadvantage as a result of their own or a relative’s HIV status;
    • comfort, support, protect and nurture the children who are orphaned or otherwise made vulnerable by AIDS, and acknowledge and support their caregivers;
    • facilitate the processes required to access social support, including acquiring the necessary legal documents;
    • empower caregivers and affected communities through income generation and group savings schemes;
      harness the goodwill of more advantaged parishes, communities and organisations to support those in need.

Recognising that no organisation on its own can have a significant impact on the AIDS pandemic, the AAHT consistently promotes a combined and concerted effort from government, faith-based and other non-government organisations as well as the corporate sector to counter and overcome the challenges of HIV and AIDS. We therefore seek to work together with other organisations at all levels. Our projects have become a valued and integral part of the closely interwoven network of care that reaches from the inner cities to remote rural villages and homesteads.